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June 01, 2017

At CANSEC 2017, Meggitt Training Systems along with Simthetiq and TrianGraphics is showcasing the benefits of interconnecting different training systems and technologies to unleash the full potential of collaborative training scenarios.

The demonstration connects virtual armoured vehicle, 81mm mortar and small arms trainers running in two different simulation platforms in the same correlated terrain environment.

Simthetiq worked closely with TrianGraphics, using our VBS Exporter tool to generate a correlated VBS terrain that allows common, networked scenarios to be conducted across Meggitt’s different training systems.

Vincent Cloutier, Simthetiq CEO, stated: “The cross-platform flexibility we provide was key for Meggitt - who placed their trust in Simthetiq and TrianGraphics’ expertise and innovative approach to terrain generation for their key simulation product demonstrations at CANSEC.”