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The Roads Module offers the automatic generation of profiled roads and crossings from real-world navigation data (e.g. OpenStreetMap, Here). The input data is parameterized based on the vector data's shape and attributes and analysed automatically in a pre-calculation step. Thus complex road networks with various lane settings, crossings and markings are set up and created in no time.

The Roads Module contains various additional modifiers for the generation of roads. In the Profile modifier driving lanes, curbs or pavements can be defined along the road's profile. It is also possible to determine speed limits, markings or to add a camber in curves.

Crossings are generated automatically where lines with the Profile modifier intersect. Lines of arbitrary constellations may generate very complex crossings or also roundabouts. Different road types are thereby blended seamlessly into each other. Besides such junctions drive-ups are supported, that enables the generation of e.g. complex motorway interchanges. Transitions between different road settings e.g. 4 to 2 lanes are also created automatically.

Tunnels can be generated and cut into the terrain mesh with the accordant Tunnel modifier. The Bridge modifier offers the generation of generic bridges including pillars.

Roads Plus

The Roads Plus module offers additional features, so that traffic and driving simulations can make use of the visual database for their AI right away. The module contains the OpenDrive exporter, an open file format for logical description of road networks.

The included functionalities cover arc and clothoid based road generation. A clothoid represents a spiral that is placed before and after a curve's arc according to road construction rules. Existing vector data can be converted into such representations or new ones can be created by hand and later be edited. Those roads are cut into the terrain mesh with their height calculated from polynomials. With the Sign modifier signals like traffic signs and lights can logically be linked to roads or crossings.

Thus all preconditions for proper OpenDRIVE export of all AI information are met.



The latest release of Trian3DBuilder comes with new features, export formats, performance and code base improvements:


In addition to the new FBX exporter optimized for Unity®, we have achieved a seamless integration with Titan Vanguard and VBS. OpenStreetMap format is now directly loaded from online servers, and one-way roads are automatically fixed with an offset. An improved height brush and best matching algorithms to place buildings on footprints complete the feature set of version 6.5. Furthermore, Trian3DBuilder has been updated to OpenSceneGraph 3.4.1.
Our Team has been working hard to offer the best integration between Trian3DBuilder and

This new section in our website allows you to manage your licenses, dongle updates, installation files and download libraries in just a few clicks.

As an additional goodie, our Service & Support Customers will find the Trian3D Model Library XT completely free of charge in the installer section of the portal. The Trian3D Model Library XT contains almost 500 models with different LODs optimized for real-time rendering, a powerful resource for your 3D terrains.



New Modul from Version 5.0: Service Development Kit (SDK)


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